Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Plan 2010

I realized today that I needed to sit down and write out my plan for Christmas.  Lots of people have been asking me what I am making my family for Christmas this year and I have lots of ideas floating around in my head but it's time to get the plan formulated so that I'm not running in 50 directions Christmas Eve!  So here is my outline of things I am doing for the kids for Christmas:

K= Oldest Daughter 11 years old:

  • She has requested a stuffed Octopus (weird I know and it goes against all my "no stuffed animal" rules, but it will be homemade and hopefully something she will love, and it will be FREE!!)
  • Wooden bracelets found at Hancock's for 25 cents each will decorate and make beautiful with fabric, paint, and ModPodge.
  • PJ's bought last year on clearance at Walmart for $1.50 a pair
  • Knitting loom bought on clearance for $2 (will get some yarn too)
  • scripture tote
  • maybe a shelf for over her bed so she can have her books handy
O= Youngest Daughter 8 years old

  • Same wooden bracelets as oldest
  • also Pj's bought on clearance
  • knitting loom
  • Quilt
  • Handmade hair bows

C= Oldest Son 6 years old

  • Cowboy dress up outfit.  I am making a vest out of faux leather.  Sheriff's badge, and maybe some chaps.  
  • PJ's free from a friend
  • Star Wars wooden people found here
  • He has also requested a stuffed Panda bear.  
  • Dinosaur DVD's received set for free from hubby's "select a gift" at work
L= Youngest son 16 months old

  • Homemade PJ's
  • Need more ideas!

Hubbs= Best Husband EVER (age will not be disclosed)

  • PJ's pants
  • need more ideas
So that's it so far.  Haven't even begun to think about extended family yet.  My SIL has requested blankets for her family, and my mom wants coasters.  FIL is getting Cowboy Poetry book, MIL is getting a cute picture thing that Hubbs found for her.  Grandma is getting...don't know.  I'll post more when I figure it all out.