Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rules are Rules

Recently my bestest buddy and her family moved closer to us. It's been 10ish years since we've lived within a days drive and in the same time zone! So this last weekend we headed up to Chicago to visit them and see their new diggs! Poor thing hardly had a box unpacked and we invaded, all 6 of us, with all our crap.

Well unpacking would have to wait a few more days because we had our hearts set on a craft project, and let me tell you don't get in my way when a craft project is involved (just ask my kids...wait...do I have kids???!!!). Our inspiration came from her friend, who's inspiration came from someone else, who's inspiration came from someone else...it's sometimes hard to tell where these fabulous ideas start! Here's the link to the blog I used... Forthelove . And here is my process:

A blank canvas from Hob Lob. I found mine for $7.99 for two 16x20 canvases. (didn't have my coupon so I paid full price but what a deal if you had your 40% off!!!) "For the Love" did hers on a 24x36 inch canvas but my house is not big enough to pull off such a large piece of art, so I scaled back.

I only painted the edges of the canvas.

Rows of paper. I bought a small stack of coordinating papers at Hob Lob, they were on sale so I got 30ish pieces for $5.

Here's the finished product. Towards the end I ran out of patience and steam so one line is just cute leaves. The letters were cut from vinyl with my Cricut. My friend provided the vinyl from her stash, so the whole project was well under $10. I may do a few of these up for Christmas!!!

Some things I learned during the process:

  • Mod Podge and canvas together are hard to work with. The canvas stretched when it was wet with ModPodge, so maybe next time paint the whole canvas to stiffen it up? Also having something underneath that was hard helped with the bubbles. Mostly just put it on and walk away, when it dried overnight it looked a lot better than when I left it.

  • Paper stretches when you get it wet with Mod Podge, be careful not to stretch too much or you do not have even edges (don't look at mine too closely)

  • Stagger your paper seams so that there is not a big line in your project.

  • When putting on your letters measure and center them (again...don't look to closely at mine)

  • For me coordinating paper was great, I didn't have to think too much.

  • Next time I may even use a harder surface like wood so it all goes a little smoother.

  • Don't let your hubby help with the "rule" making. Mine wanted to add things like, no farting at the table, and no electronic gadgets at dinner. He didn't understand the cute whimsy of it all.
I love my finished product. It's cute and fun, and my kids are starting to refer to it. Thanks Tam for the idea!!

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