Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time Flies

WOW, time flew since my last post. I betcha' thought I was gone for good... well I'm back. I took a short spur of the moment trip to visit my family in California. It was great. I hadn't seen my brother in about 2 years, and heck, I have a new baby to show off!

So now I'm home, sleepin' in my own bed again YEAH! and really wanting to do some crafting. I've seen so many $5 challenges out there, you know the ones, see what you can create for $5. Well I'm steppin' it up a notch and I want to see what we can create for $3.

I'll post the challenge next week, I need a few more days to get my ideas in check, and hopefully I'm smart enough to run a MckLinky so we can see all the fab things you come up with.

supplies must cost no more than $3 not including tax

anything you have at home already does not count in your $3 (fabric, glue, Modpodge, you know "stash" stuff)

It can be anything, home decorating, gift giving, craft, sewing, crochet, the possibilities are endless.

So check back next week with your projects and we'll get some creative juices flowing.

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