Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sometimes free is not that great

So, this summer has been CA-RAY-ZEE!!  Is it me or does every one's children go insane and become extra naughty the minute school gets out?  Our school got our last week on a Tuesday (weird I know) and the kids, all three of the oldest, were grounded the rest of the week for being awful to each other.  The worst part is that when they are grounded I'm grounded too, it doesn't seem fair that I am punished for their naughtiness.

Anyhoo, I posted earlier in the month about the free bowling.  Well as expected the free bowling coupons came into my e-mail inbox, I was so excited to think that we had a weekly activity to do that didn't require me getting into a bathing suit!  I called the bowling alley to see how much shoe rental is... $3.75 per person per game!  W-H-A-T?????  That is not a good free deal.  It was going to cost me $22.50 for free bowling, I don't think so!

So I found another bowling alley in town that has free shoe rental and their games are only $3.50, better but not great, so we are going to do one game each and call it good.

Sometimes the "free" deal is not the steal that it is made out to be!

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Willow said...

Great Googly Moogly!!! I feel your summer-time pain. My kids have been a total disaster since we got back from vacation (we left for TX before school got out, so we didn't have the first week of summer until after we returned). I have a camping trip planned for this coming week, and I'm seriously considering leaving the oldest two behind.... they are awful!

Other than massive doses of Benedryl, I can't think of a way to fully control their rottenness (being grounded just hasn't worked yet.). Hang in there, school will resume in a few months.

Sorry the bowling thing wasn't the best deal... total bummer!