Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are you a good dater?

Come on let's face it, dating is hard. REALLY hard. I'm not talking about being single, and trying to find the right guy, while having to kiss a lot of frogs on the way. I'm talking about dating AFTER marriage. That's when it gets tricky. I'm guilty of thinking, "When was the last time we had a date?" and the answer never comes because I can't remember.

My husband and I have become very creative when it comes to dating. Babysitters are very expensive so hiring one is a, once-in-a-while, thing. What works best is trading with our couple friends, they go out on Friday night and we watch their kids, then we go out on Saturday and they watch ours. We also have a lot of dates at home when the kids are asleep, or otherwise occupied. We sometimes don't tell the kids that dinner is ready if they are playing or watching a movie until after we have enjoyed a quiet dinner alone. Sometimes we wait until they are in bed and one of us goes and gets dessert from our favorite restaurant to bring home and enjoy.

Money is another issue. If you think I'm thrifty with gift giving just imagine it seeping into other aspects of my life too, like dating. I don't want to spend $20 to go to the movies when we can wait for the DVD and rent it for $1. I am however OK with going out to eat, I like a nice dinner out and don't really fret too much about the bill. What I quickly discovered is that lunch out is WAY cheaper than dinner out, so my friend and I trade Thursday's. She has lunch with her hubby one Thursday while I have the kids, and then we switch the next. So we are guaranteed at least 2 dates a month. Even doing that I sometimes just pack a home lunch and take it to his office.

I found this really great website that has a 52 date challenge.

Project 52: Date Nights logo

She has some great date ideas, and even a little pledge that you can sign with your significant other to make it more official.

I love dates, it gives us time to be us and not just Mom and Dad. So go out, or stay in, just make a date! It'll be the best gift you can give yourself (shy of a pedicure, and a massage!).

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