Friday, February 5, 2010

Feel the LoVe

I love Valentine's day. Sadly enough my hubby thinks it some made up holiday that is pretty much pointless. (and really if you think about it, it is) Thankfully he's sweet to me all year long so I don't miss Valentine's Day too much. I do however take the opportunity to do some things for the kids. They usually get some candy or a little trinket of my love. This year I came up with this really cute idea for book marks. I made some for Christmas and they were a hit, so I hearted them up and they are ready for Valentine's Day.

I am trying soooooooo hard to get better at photographing my things, this is better don't ya think? (lie to me if you have to!) Anyhoo, I used really stiff fusible interfacing. It is fusible on both sides so you can sandwich it in between two pieces of fabric. I tried to get a pic that showed how stiff it is:

Basically I just fused two pieces of fabric to the interfacing. I used Wonder Under to fuse the middle section to the book mark, and then just zig zag stitched around it all. Be sure to put your ribbon in while you are fusing the first pieces. I'm going to be making more of these for my sewing students so I'll post pictures when I do.

I had the interfacing and ribbon here already in my stash, and the fabric was leftover from my barter with Heather. She was kind enough to let me keep the excess! So all of that equals FA-REE! My girls are gonna squeal when they see these.

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