Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I think I'm addicted to Toile

I don't know about you but to me Toile makes me smile. It's one of those timeless patterns that you can use with almost anything. I love that it comes in many colors now and you can find it to accent any room in your house.

I know my last Creative Juices Challenge was also a "Toile" project, but this weeks is too. Found this cute star at Hob Lob. The places where I put the toile paper were just plain white. I distressed the paint and gave it a good coat of gloss Mod Podge. Now it hangs on my door, but I think it's a little too big and really does not compliment the 1994 hunter green. In my perfect world my door and my shutters would be black and the word 'WELCOME' be lovingly displayed in vinyl on my front door. Now back to reality where my house screams 1990's and my priorities are wiping bums, and keeping up with baby and his spit up puddles!

RECAP: Paid $3 for star on clearance at Hob Lob, had the paper and Mod Podge at home. TA-DA only 3 bucks for this cute find.

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