Saturday, January 30, 2010

I heart BABIES!!

My all time favorite things to make are anything baby! There are so many cute things out there right now for baby, things I wish I had when I had my first. Where were nursing covers when I was sitting in the foyer at church on a couch in the middle of all the people trying to keep a blanket on my shoulder while nursing, then skipping it all together because my baby was freaking out because it was too hot? Where were cute chic diaper bags when I was carrying Winnie the Pooh on my arm? Where were cart covers when I was wiping down the whole cart with a baby wipe hoping we wouldn't get pink eye AGAIN?

Well, I had a baby shower to attend this weekend, it was my friend's 3rd boy so I'm sure she was set for lots of things. So I whipped up a few bibs for her because those are something that get nasty fast.

They are made of denim, and flannel. I clipped the edges so when they get washed they will fray a little and look like fringe. I had all my supplies here at home in sta-ash so they were fa-ree!

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