Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sometimes the Stars Align

Sometimes in life the "thrifty" stars align! If you are an avid shopper and deal searcher they align more often, but sometimes it happens when you least expect it.

I was hosting a New Year's Eve party at our home. It was a murder mystery which required a little creativity in finding costumes for me and my hubby. Of course I waited until the last minute, but in my defense I was sick the week after Christmas so really New Year's Day was my only day to shop! I was searching the thrift stores in town, which isn't a hard job since there are only 3, and I found these really cute dessert plates.
I love to use cute dessert dishes, serving pieces, and any other utensil that can make a regular meal seem "fancy", as my daughter would say. They were marked $1.99 for 8, I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn't $1.99 each, sure enough $1.99 for the whole set! So I quickly snatched them up. Once I got to the check out they were having a special that if you would make the noise like a bell you got 50% off of one of your items. Since they were my only item my daughter and I rang like a bell and got all 8 for $1...

Then the obsessive compulsive part of me kicked in and I wondered if the person I asked to bring dessert that night would bring a beautiful dessert that would accent these lovelies, or should I just make an extra one just in case. Well my friend Kim did not disappoint. She brought a delish orange cake with fresh berries and chocolate sauce, not only beautiful but YUMMY. Only problem is we devoured the whole cake before I got a picture, dang.

Anyhoo, today I linked up to Frugalicious Friday over at Finding Fabulous, check out her blog everything she does is beautiful!

Maybe your day be extra Frugalicious!


glor said...

I love dishes and especially glass dishes. I am so jealous of your find, how great.

The Tidy Brown Wren said...

I'm a sucker for a snowflake! Love the shape of the plates too. What a great find. Doesn't it make you giddy to find such treasures?

The Queen of Thrift said...

Giddy doesn't begin to describe it! I get so excited it's such a rush! Then I start using too many exclamation points in my sentences!!! Can't wait to find another excuse to bust these lovelies out. Thanks for commenting.