Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Warm up your winter

Being a California native living in the Midwest I have to admit that I am freezing my Patootie off! I think I shiver from November to May, and I'm not zageratin'!! A few years ago I discovered rice bags. If you haven't seen them or used one you are missing out. They are basically bags made from cotton fabric that are filled with rice. When it's time to use them you pop them in the microwave and they stay toasty warm for quite a while. My kids use big ones to warm their sheets before bed, my husband uses the XL ones to loosen the muscles in his back.

Well the other day it hit me... TINY RICE BAGS!! So I made these tiny rice bags for the kids to put in their jacket pockets so their hands stay warm as they are waiting for the bus in this Arctic weather. I always feel guilty sending them out in the cold every morning while I wave from the window, now I don't fee SOOO bad! (well maybe still a little bad, but at least frost bite is off the table now!)

These little squares of FiRe are made from cotton fabric cut into 4 inch squares, sewn together and filled with rice. Place them in the microwave for 30 seconds and they will stay warm in your pockets for about 30-40 minutes, just enough time to catch the bus, play in the snow, or walk from the parking lot at work to your cubicle! Best part, I got the fabric for free from a friend, and had the rice in the pantry. So for a few pennies you have a wonderful, warm, winter gift.

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Bizzy Bee said...

Great idea!! We live in SoCal and most of our days are warm...however, my daughter thinks she is "freezing" during the winter. She has no idea what cold is...haha! These will be perfect for her. Thanks for sharing

Stef said...

Rice bags are my friends!! Your material is way cute.

Jen said...

This is brilliant! I am featuring you at tomorrow's Penny Pinching Party.